Tooth extraction


Teeth Extraction

The main goal of the dentist is to maintain the existing teeth and to rehabilitate them by therapeutic or prosthetic methods. However, when it is, radiographically and clinically, established that the performance of the tooth in the chewing function is impossible or it is responsible for causing disturbances then this leads to its removal.

tooth extraction

Indications of tooth extraction

  • Extended caries
  • Periodontitis at an advanced stage
  • Acute or chronic pathological conditions of the pulp, in teeth that other possible therapies are not feasible (e.g. apicectomy)
  • Fracture in the middle of the root (after injury)
  • Fracture of the tooth to a point where it prevents its immobilisation
  • Numerous teeth that block the rise of normal teeth
  • In cases where there is no alternative treatment
  • For aesthetic needs
  • Remnant of the root into the jaw

Evidence for extracting wisdom teeth

  • In cases of outlier, semi-closed or incised teeth causing intense pain
  • Pericoronaritis
  • Dental or periodontal abscess
  • Injury to the gum or cheek when chewing
  • Orthodontic treatment, which requires the extraction of one or more teeth
  • When pressing the root of the adjacent tooth
Simple Tooth Extraction
50 € - 70 €
Surgical Tooth Extrcation
250 €
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
250 €

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