Implant prosthetic restoration


Implant restoration

Dental implants come in two forms:

  • fixed restorations, for example, crowns or bridges
  • removable restorations, for instance, dentures
removable dentures on implants

Fixed prosthetic solutions on implants

All fixed prosthetic restorations are classified based on how they are attached to the implanted stub.

Types of immovable Restorations

  • Metal-ceramic
  • Zirconium-ceramic
  • Full-ceramic

Fixed prosthetic restorations are divided into 2 categories: Threaded and Bonded

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Threaded restorations

Threaded restorations are used when there is reduced prosthetic space around the teeth.


  • A dentist can easily replace the individual parts in case of any losses
  • The hygiene of the implants is more controllable due to the easy removal of the structure
  • In case the porcelain of the prosthetic is broken, it can easily be repaired


  • There is an orifice in the chewing layer, which is blocked with resin
  • Thorough and regular control is required to avoid the creation of a microbial load
  • Use of additional accessories is required
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Bonded restorations

These are used in most invasive restorations.


  • It is aesthetically superior, as it does not have an orifice
  • It requires less components
  • The dentist can access the implant directly


  • Removing the construction is more difficult
  • It requires a very meticulous removal of the excess cement during bonding

Removable restorations on implants (dentures)

All mobile prosthetic implants are classified based on how they are linked to the implant.

Therefore, dentures are divided into 3 categories

  • with a bar
  • using a ball
  • supported by locators
denture, dental implants, dentist greece

Bar-Retained denture on implants

denture, dental implants, dentist crete

Ball supported denture on implants

denture, dental implants, dentist crete, removable dentures

Denture supported on implants with locators

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