The Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic

The dental clinic has been in operation since 1996, and provides general dental services as well as specialized oral surgery and periodontology services.


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Our most important principles are:

  • maintaining a high level of hygiene in all areas
  • taking measures against cross-contamination of diseases 
  • providing a high level of service, consistency and accountability.

We thoroughly clean the dental instruments in an ultrasonic device for the first removal of possible organic residues. Then, we apply a special packaging and sterilization in an autoclave.

Moreover, the materials we use at our dental clinic are disposable. We disinfect handles and surfaces with powerful disinfectant solutions. Therefore, neutralizing bacteria, fungi and viruses including hepatitis B, C virus and HIV. Finally, we designed the selected regimens with minimal tissue strain, maximum biological benefit and longevity.

Under no circumstances will we subject the patient to painful actions. In each case, the dentist applies local anaesthesia and checks the depth of numbness before starting any treatment. In addition, we place particular emphasis on the elimination of pain both during and after the treatment.

We ensure that the ultimate therapeutic effect is predictable, excellent prognosis and long-term success.

Appointments last between 1-1.30 hours, which ensures no delays or waiting, more efficiency, and noticeably fewer visits. We obtain the detailed dental and medical history of the patient, as well as, digital photos and digital radiological control of all teeth, if necessary.

 dental clinic crete, dental clinic greece, dental practice
 dental clinic crete, dental clinic greece, dental practice
 dental clinic crete, dental clinic greece, dental practice

The dentist draws up proposed treatment plans based on documentation and therapeutic protocols. However, the dentist also respects the patients' financial capabilities. We put emphasis on the patients’ individual expectations and the dentist clarifies to what extent they can be fulfilled.

The dentist designs and presents the final aesthetic result on plaster models obtained from the patient's mouth or intraorally in elastic casts. Thus, the patient immediately understands the proposed shape and size of the teeth, makes possible modifications, and based on the final picture of the models, or casts, the dentist draws up the treatment plan and all the subsequent stages can be carried out.

We put particular emphasis on clarifying the patient's treatment plan and encouraging our patients to ask questions.

At each stage, we reassess the course of the treatment plan and, where appropriate, redefine it based on newer findings from the patient's clinical course and possible radiological findings. In situations where treatment restorations do not meet biological or aesthetic parameters, the dentist rejects them and repeats the process until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Patients can fulfill payment of the total cost via credit card or cash. Besides, you have the option to pay in instalments if the total cost exceeds a certain amount. Click here to read more about our prices.

The use of high-tech infrastructure, insistence on detail, our experience and continuous training ensures high-quality services

Building a relationship of mutual trust and providing a friendly atmosphere is our main goal.

  • Friendly treatment
  • Comfortable space
  • Laser Treatments
  • Easy access
  • Without waiting time
  • Guaranteed work
  • Modern Equipment
  • High quality materials
  • Digital radiography Equipment

Office hours

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34 Chandakos str.

(1st Floor) Heraklion, Crete Greece

+44 20 3286 9178

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