Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment

When there is much tooth damage, the nerve can become infected.

With root canal treatment we treat the infected nerve located in the roots and we manage to keep the tooth intact and achieve fast relief from dental pain

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?
Your teeth are protected by an outer layer of enamel. If decay enters the enamel, the tooth can become infected. Fillings are effective for repairing small defects, but once the inner part of the tooth is compromised, bacteria can reach the soft pulp that surrounds the root of your tooth. If this occurs, it’s critical to remove the infected pulp and the nerves that run through the pulp to avoid losing the tooth.

In our dental practice we use the latest means and chemical-mechanical treatment techniques for cleansing and obstruction of the tooth root canal.

We have the equipment, the knowledge and experience to perform endodontic treatment, quickly and completely painlessly.

Endodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry

For surprisingly immediate results in damaged teeth we use intracanal aesthetic axes, which strengthen the resistance of the treated teeth. In case of tooth discoloration, due to the treatment, internal whitening of the tooth is performed.

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Tooth with one Root Canal Treatment
200 €
Tooth with two Root Canals Treatment
250 €
Tooth with three Root Canals Treatment
300 €

*prices include the final build up filing and the intracanal posts, where needed.

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