Aesthetic fillings


Aesthetic Fillings

For teeth which are a little to moderately carved, modern dentistry offers excellent solutions with dental fillings from excellent materials called composite resins.

Due to our long experience and continuous scientific knowledge, we are able to use the latest materials of resins (IVOCLAR, SHOFU) with the correct methodology and offer our patients excellent integrity in aesthetics and longevity.

When the rear tooth is quite damaged, the ideal solution is to place a compound of resin or porcelain. With this restoration we give naturalness and resistance to the tooth, without removing any healthy dental substance. The INLAYS are “dental fillings” made in the dental laboratory and are permanently bonded to the tooth.

We all know the grey metallic fillings that most of us have in our mouths. This grey metallic mixture is called amalgam and consists, mainly, of silver and mercury and in a lesser proportion some other components.

Amalgam has been for decades the most widespread material in dentistry and was widely used. In recent years, more and more scientific studies have come to greatly question the safety of the material by highlighting a number of toxic actions.

In most countries its use has already been limited and the removal of the old amalgam fillings is suggested, replacing them with white material, the resin, or if they are large fillings to be replaced with ceramic or resin ones. This replacement is now imperative, as the small amounts of mercury released through the fillings over time, accumulate within various tissues such as of the brain, the genitals and the kidneys and are accused of a range of diseases.

Moreover, it is aesthetically satisfying since it replaces the black fillings with white ones thus, giving our mouth the natural appearance.

Composite Aesthetic Fillings
70 € - 100€
Depends of the cavity and the use of LASER
Inlay porcelain filling
250 €

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