Removable dentures


Removable Dentures

It is a removable prosthetic work that replaces some of the natural teeth which are adapted with metallic or aesthetic precision hooks (when it is a partial denture), or all our natural teeth,(in the case of a total denture).

Τεχνητές Οδοντοστοιχίες


  • Affordable cost
  • Quick and easy process
  • Strengthens the facial aesthetics
  • Restoration of chewing and speech


  • In cases of bone absorption , resulting in shrinkage of the gums, there is a problem in their retention and stability
  • After placement, a slight difficulty in speaking and chewing is created and patients need patience until they become accustomed
  • Artificial dentures must be checked by the dentist at least once a year since they endure attrition and may need to be corrected or replaced.

Affordable cost. Quick and easy procedure!

Artificial dentures are divided into 7 categories

removable denture

Full Dentures

Replaces all natural teeth in a dental arc


Immediate Full Denture

The denture made prior to the extraction of the natural teeth and placed immediately after extraction.


Partial denture with metal hooks

It replaces the missing teeth and rests on natural teeth with metal or acrylic hooks

partial removable denture with lock mechanism

Partial denture with precision joints

It replaces the missing teeth and rests on crowns with special precision fasteners

partial removable denture

Partial thermoplastic acrylic denture

It replaces the missing teeth and rests on natural teeth with acrylic flexible hooks

removable denture on implants

Denture aplicable on natural teeth

A total denture which is applied on to dental roots

removable denture on implants

Embedded denture on implants

A total denture which is applied on to implants

What problems can be caused by tooth loss and non-replacement?


The loss of one or more teeth always affects the aesthetics of the face. This is also the case where the missing teeth are in the back of the mouth and are not visible when smiling.



In the process of chopping and grinding food, each tooth plays a distinct and special role. This results in even the loss of just one tooth to cause movement to the other teeth and as a result the food is swallowed without being properly chewed.


The loss of even a small number of teeth always affects speech.

In jaw malocclusion and function.

In a full and normal denture, the upper teeth lean down in a harmonious manner and work together in the different movements of the mouth. But when one or more teeth are extracted, the whole balance is disrupted

Removable Dentures Cost
May Vary according to the features of the Denture
600 € - 1000 €

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