Are you considering getting dental treatment in Greece?

We are equipped to handle all your dental needs. From simple dental procedures to oral restoration, we cover it all.

The proper overall treatment of our patients is essential to achieve an excellent aesthetic result. Hence, this is also the basic principle of our practice.

In addition, we respect your valuable time and can offer quick appointments.

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Dental Implants Abroad

Get dental implants while on holiday on Crete. Substitute your missing teeth and return home as a new person!
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Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad

Our clinic provides expert and affordable Cosmetic Dentistry treatments. Crete is one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe especially for cosmetic dentistry.
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Gum Treatments Abroad

Gingivitis, Periodontitis and gum sculpting are problems that our dental surgery treats skillfully.
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Teeth Whitening

Receive painless and affordable teeth whitening treatment. Give yourself a reason to smile!

Dental Treatments Abroad

We offer a wide range of dental treatments. This includes advanced cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, root canal treatments, dental prosthetics, and more.


Each procedure is planned out in detail to ensure perfect results and client satisfaction.

Save Precious Time

Our implantology, prosthetics and root canal therapy services offer treatment options that last just a few appointments.

Save Money

You can save between 40% to 70% of your home country dental treatments with state-of-the-art dental care technology!

We have been honoured with the ‘Patients’ Choice’ award.

We also received the ‘Gold Award’ from ‘Eagles of Health’ for our services.

Dr. George Vardakis, doctor Vardakis, Giorgos Vardakis

Giving you beautiful smiles since 1996.

We provide the latest methods of dental treatment for an affordable price.

Combine your vacation effortlessly with dental treatment in Crete!

In addition to our dental services, you may find why Crete is the ideal destination for your upcoming vacation.

Moreover, you can check out our website to learn more bout dental tourism.

Furthermore, we provide details of dental procedures and a comprehensive price list and no hidden costs. In other words, everything you need to know to get professional dental treatment on a dental holiday.

Further, our website is updated often with the latest dentistry information. This includes the latest information on cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dental crowns and dental bridges, teeth whitening and more.

Take a look at what our patients say about our services.

What are dental holidays abroad?

Dental tourism abroad is a growing industry for those seeking dental care outside of their health systems. It is now becoming increasingly widespread throughout Europe.

So, through dental tourism, you can combine holidays with any dental procedure that you are in need of.

The quality of our health professionals and competitive prices set in an ideal holiday atmosphere make Crete a unique destination for dental holidays.

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