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A beautiful smile does not only consist of pearly white and well-formed teeth. The demand for Cosmetic dentistry has increased in recent years. It is the dentist's responsibility to not only appreciate the expectations of their patients, but also to arrange treatment in such a way so as to present an aesthetically acceptable result, harmoniously adding to the facial features.

The overall treatment of the dental patient is essential in order to achieve an excellent aesthetic result, and this is a basic principle of our practice.

Most importantly our dental practice will provide prompt appointments, while the delivery time of the prosthetic works is from 5 to 12 working days (for all prosthetic works).

The aesthetic analysis in dentistry is the methodology by which the dentist analyzes all the parameters and elements that are gathered from the clinical examination of the patient, the x-rays, plaster casts and highlights the potential disharmony in the smile, in color, the position and teeth dimensions, as well as to the correct or excessive exposure of the gingival tissues.

All the above mentioned parameters are evaluated, so much as to dynamics (the smile) as well as to the resting position of the jaw bone.

The aesthetic analysis is an essential step in every cosmetic intervention that takes place in our practice. The use of all information from the aesthetic analysis has a common denominator: the output of the final result must restore or maintain harmony throughout the face.

Although the field of aesthetics has a subjective character, the aesthetic analysis is designed for the final desired outcome based on specific rules and proportions and even pre-invasive, that is, before any therapeutic action begins.
The ideal analogy is the proportion between the individual elements that constitute a pretty image, a nice face, a well-shaped idem, a charming smile and this is applied from the arts in the classic era, up to today in industrial designs, in architecture and so on.

Thus, a highly aesthetic result is achieved in a predictable and sure manner, which will satisfy the most stringent aesthetic requirements. The final aesthetic effect is designed and presented to the patient either externally on models made from the mouth or intraorally in elastic casts. These casts are constructed on the basis of the proposed design and the patient places them on his teeth and can see the end result before any therapeutic action begins.
Thus, the patient immediately understands the proposed shape and size of the teeth, makes possible modifications, and based on the final picture in the models or in the casts, the treatment plan is drawn up and carried out in all subsequent stages.

In other words, the patient knows the end result from the beginning before any treatment is started.

Some of the basic techniques applied in our practice in order to achieve a predictable aesthetic result are diagnostic wax, transient state restorations, and diagnostic and surgical casts.

All the individual areas of aesthetic dentistry, from the aesthetic biomaterials to the aesthetic surgery of soft and hard tissues of the mouth, should maintain or restore the ideal proportion to the face, smile and teeth and be within the boundaries defined by tissue biology .

In Medicine, as in nature, beauty is identified with harmony.

Aesthetic dentistry emphasizes in improving the aesthetics of the teeth and the smile in general. Aesthetic dentistry concerns us all, men and women, regardless of age, who are interested in the good health and the appearance of their teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry can perform miracles.

With dental ceramic crowns, veneers, bonding technique using aesthetic-type materials which mimic nature, we manage to exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers.

The excellent aesthetic results that our patients enjoy are owed to our experience, continuous training and to our constant insistence to detail. We use the latest materials and we collaborate with top dental technicians. The quality of the prosthetic works is guaranteed and the delivery times are 5-10 working days.

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