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Full Ceramic Crowns / Bridges

Damaged teeth restoration or missing teeth replacement by the use of full-ceramic crowns, gives our patients absolute satisfaction since they offer high aesthetics, biocompatibility, durability and longevity.The all ceramic materials we use are zirconium and lithium (E-max).

Our dental patients can expect excellent prosthetic results which is due to our impeccable accurate and responsible work. We take pride in being able to offer outstanding service and full client satisfaction. We use only high quality up to date materials and we collaborate only with top dental technicians. Most importantly: in our dental office you will not confront problems with late appointment dates,​ while the delivery time of the prosthetic works is from 5 to 12 working days (for all prosthetic works).

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Upper teeth restoration with full-ceramic crowns

When there is extensive destruction of a tooth, to reinforce it and keep it in the mouth, a dental crown is placed. When one or more teeth are missing between existing strong teeth, what we do not want to do is to replace them with implants, instead, a dental bridge is placed. Each crown or dental bridge consists of a skeleton and a decorative cover over this skeleton. In the past the skeleton was made of metal. We now have the option of replacing metal with all-ceramic materials, such as zirconium or lithium (e-max).

All-ceramic materials are advantageous because they have excellent biocompatibility and aesthetic performance due to the absence of a metal skeleton. Thus, the aesthetic problems created by the old type dental crowns are no longer present. In addition, all-ceramic crowns and dental bridges are extremely hard which gives them excellent durability. Moreover, the aesthetic result is outstanding , to the extent where it can be virtually impossible to distinguish them from a natural tooth.

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Aesthetic restoration with full-ceramic crowns

What problems can be caused by tooth loss and non-replacement?


The loss of one or more teeth always affects facial aesthetics. This also happens in circumstances of missing teeth in the back of the mouth which are not visible in a smile.

Mastication (chewing)

In the process of chopping and chewing food, each tooth plays a distinct and special role. As a result, even the loss of a single tooth, causes displacement to the other teeth thus, the food is swallowed without being properly chewed.


The loss of even a small number of teeth always affects speech.

In jaw closure and operation.

In a full and normal dentition, the upper teeth lean down in a harmonious manner and work together in the different movements of the mouth. But when one or more teeth are extracted, the whole balance of the system is disrupted.

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