Mini implants


Mini Implants

Mini Orthodontic Implants or micro implants are smaller than dental implants and are placed directly on the gums, even between teeth without incisions and without the need for complex clinical and laboratory procedures.

They are mainly used in orthodontics, implanted in bones by a simple surgical procedure and removed after the orthodontic movement is complete.

Μίνι Εμφυτεύματα

Their advantage is that they are not completely ossified, so they can be easily removed

They can also be used as a temporary or transitory solution for denture fixtures until the surgical bone reconstruction and placement of the dental implants.


  • Rigorous process
  • Significantly lower costs than dental implants
  • Capable of adding prosthetic work immediately
  • They do not osteo integrated like dental implants
  • They are removed by a simple procedure


  • For patients with extensive osteo integration, as a temporary and transitional solution for denture stabilization
  • For orthodontic reasons, as they help in exercising

Not recommended for

  • patients with insufficient oral hygiene
  • patients suffering from periodontitis
  • patients whose healing process is reduced (diabetics, osteoporosis, bisphosphonate receptors, etc.)
  • Not suitable for regions with recent teeth extractions
  • Not suitable for permanent restorations

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