Dental Treatment Abroad

Where can I get a quote for dental treatment abroad?

If you are thinking about obtaining dental treatment abroad, there are several ways to get quotes to compare prices.

One of the major benefits of treatment abroad is the significant cost and time savings compared to having private surgery or treatment in the UK. Naturally, these savings vary from country to country, and even between providers in the same location. So how do you get a quote to ensure that you are getting the best possible price for your treatment and making the biggest saving you can without compromising the quality of dental care?

Identify the best value countries

The first step is to identify the best value countries for the kind of treatment you require. It is important to remember that this does not necessarily mean the lowest price. To identify the best value you need to consider all the associated costs, including travel and accommodation for you and your companion. For example, India has some of the lowest treatment prices in the world, but flights from Heathrow cost over £400 each way. By contrast, many European cities are served by cheap budget flights, but city centre accommodation can be very expensive.

You also need to factor in other costs, such as travel insurance, the price of eating out in your chosen country, airport transfers, to give you a complete and realistic price for your trip.

Look online for all the information you need. Use price comparison sites to identify the countries with the lowest treatment prices, and then check flight finder sites and hotel comparison sites to complete your package and get an idea of the full cost.

Approach healthcare providers directly

Once you have identified the best value country, the next step is to get quotes from the actual treatment providers. Most of the reputable clinics have websites that will give you all the details you need about the facilities, the services and the consultants and surgeons on the team. You should look for as much detail as possible, and check this information against other sources, such as the national health body of the country or any professional associations of which they hold membership.

The clinic will provide you with a quote for your treatment based on your condition and your medical history. Make sure you are clear about what is and what is not included, and get your quote in writing, by post or on email, as proof.

Many of the better clinics aimed at medical tourists will quote an all-inclusive package, arranging flights, hotels and treatment for you, and can even arrange holiday extras, such as trips and tours. This is a valuable service as they will know the local hotels and understand the timescales needed for your flights. These package deals often represent good value as the clinics have partnership deals with local services.

Why Choose Our Dental Clinic

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Premium dental care

Our dental patients can expect excellent prosthetic results which are due to our impeccable accurate and responsible work. The procedure from start to finish will be planned in detail to ensure perfect results and client satisfaction.

Save money: 40%-70% less from UK dental treatment prices

With fewer overheads and staff expenditure in Greece the cost of dental treatment is extremely affordable and competitive and yet still offers excellent high-quality​ treatment. The main advantage is primarily enjoying your holiday and at the same time-saving money on your dental treatment. Returning home with a beautiful smile!

Save precious time

In our dental office, you will not confront problems with late appointment dates,​ while the delivery time of the prosthetic works is from 5 to 12 working days (for all prosthetic works). Our implantology, prosthetics and root canal treatment services offer options that last just a few appointments.

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